Patience, patience

Q. How do you navigate a very precious (and very large), 2,000 pound piece of antique bluestone around a series of site obstacles and into its place?

A. Very, very carefully.

I scored this fabulous stone last fall for a client and it will be featured in a beautiful fire pit area we a constructing. It will be nestled in and framed with some reclaimed granite and feature a custom-made copper fire bowl. Awesome, right? The only problem -- it was too large and heavy to be moved with the equipment on site.. AND it had to come in between two buildings (you can see them in the background) THEN between the house and pool and across a large expanse of lawn. Yeah, Dave wasn't too happy with me.

But, with the master behind the wheel, a very capable (and patient!) crew, the stone was placed with no breakage and it was DEAD LEVEL after he set it! I thought you might like to see a quick time-lapse video I took of the process.

Dead level.  Oh yeah.


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