Never stop learning

Last week, I was at the APLD (Association of Professional Landscape Designers) annual conference in Boston. I love exchanging ideas and information with my colleagues from around the globe. But the garden tours were particularly inspiring, given that the plants, materials and sources could be applied directly to my work down here just south of Beantown. I'm sharing some photos to whet your appetite:

sunken fire pit, garden furniture

I always suggest to clients that we use furniture to add a pop of color and interest. THIS is what I mean! Plus I love the sunken firepit.

greenhouse, herbarium

Traditional herbarium and greenhouse. You could spend all day here just taking in the scents.

Traditional materials and timeless design. Gotta love it.

This little Zen garden was tucked into a streetside nook (that's our bus in the background). What a great place to visit with neighbors out for a walk.

Natives done right. Yes.

How would you like to take a soak in this work of art at the end of a long day? Ahhhh.

Let's just say that I have garden shack envy. Sigh.


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